Poquoson Masonic Lodge
​Lodge No. 49 of Ancient Free & Accepted Masons

We are more than a third of the way through our year and Spring is beginning to bloom! I think we have had a good year so far. We had a good turn-out from Poquoson for the Grand Master’s visit to Districts 14A & 14B and we have had a lot of Brethren attending the other Lodge functions in the District, which I greatly appreciate. We had a good meeting in April with our Community Builder’s Award highlighting the evening. We will have Past Master’s Night coming up in May, Senior Warden’s Night in June and a combined Stated Meeting with Chickahominy and Achilles Lodges in July. I am also planning to have an Eagle Scout presentation sometime soon and hopefully a Master Mason’s degree outdoors in the fall. I would like to express my thanks to all of the Brethren who have been helping out around the Lodge with repairs and other chores and with the breakfasts. Your efforts do not go unnoticed!

​Fraternally yours, Rt. Wor. Jerry Burks

Mark Your Calendar and Plan to Attend
Tuesday July12 - Joint Stated Meeting with Chickahominy and Achilles Lodges
Thursday July 28-30 - Reid James Simmons Masonic Academy in Waynesboro
Thursday August 18 - Grand Master to visit Transportation Lodge (Community Builders Award)
Tuesday September 13 - Grand Master to visit Poquoson Lodge

At our April Stated Meeting, I read the names of 18 of our members who were behind in their dues for 3 or more years. They have been reported to the Grand Lodge of Virginia as being delinquent and will be suspended for non-payment of dues if we do not hear from them. We still have many members that owe for 2015 and 2016 too. Please check your dues card and make certain that it says “2016” on it. If it doesn’t, then you are delinquent in your dues. Brethren, it is my hope that Masonry has a special place in your hearts. Please do your part to keep your dues up to date so that you can benefit from the “Rights and Benefits” of Masonry.

If you are member of the Widows Fund, please keep your payments up to date. You also need to make certain that your beneficiary information is current. Please contact RW Jerry Burks if you have any questions about your account in the Widows Fund.

2016 Dues are $145.00
(Make checks payable to: Poquoson Lodge #49 and mail them to
P.O. Box 2067, Poquoson, VA 23662)

Fraternally, RW J. Richard Rawls
Secretary, Poquoson Lodge No. 49

If your birthday has been omitted or is shown incorrectly, please notify RW J. Richard Rawls so that it can be adjusted in our database.

Lodge Newsletter Editor
RW Richard Rawls

Sickness & Distress

Christopher R. Robertson - 3 years
Joshua S. Hollingsworth - 4 years
Sewell M. Rowley, Jr. - 4 years
Marshall Y. Sawyer - 10 years
George S. Lee - 15 years
Julius B. Lovell - 22 years
Talmadge B. Forrest, Jr. - 33 years
Owen J. Smith, Jr. - 33 years
Vance A. Overbay - 37 years
Ronald C. Joyner - 40 years
Charles M. Southall, III - 41 years
Richard N. Stratton - 41 years
Page S. Neale, Jr. - 44 years
Aster Couch - 53 years
Norman O. Paul, Jr. - 53 years
James W. Diggs, Jr. 63 years

Masonic Birthdays for the Months of May - June

Poquoson Lodge Key Dates

From the Secretary                                                               Right Worshipful J. Richard Rawls              

William W. Martin - 2 years
Robert L. Hodges, Jr. - 7 years
Brian D. Sistek - 7 years
David E. Tatum - 13 years
Robert T. West - 15 years
John C. Saunders - 16 years
Allen T. Stanley - 22 years
C. Lee Trent - 23 years
Christopher E. Claud - 28 years
Harris T. Luscomb, III—28 years
Percy F. Ward, Jr. - 29 years
William W. Cassell - 33 years
John C. Jobe - 40 years
Robert V. Insley, Jr. - 47 years
George F. Wolford, Jr. - 51 years
Vernon H. Wright - 52 years
Christopher S. Robinson, Sr. - 59 years
John R. Hanson - 60 years

Tuesday May 3 - Monitor Lodge Stated 7:00pm
Saturday May 7—Poquoson Lodge Yard Sale 7:00am
Tuesday May 10 - Poquoson Lodge Stated 7:30pm (dinner @6:30pm)
Monday May 16
- St. Tammany Lodge Stated 7:30pm
Tuesday May 17 - C.S.Revell/B.D.Hudson Ritual School at Warwick Lodge 6:00pm
Wednesday May 18 - Army & Navy Lodge Stated 7:30pm (dinner @6:30pm)
Saturday May 21- Poquoson Lodge Breakfast 8-10am
Tuesday June 7 - Monitor Lodge Stated 7:00pm
Tuesday June 14 - Poquoson Lodge Stated 7:30pm (dinner @6:30pm)
Wednesday June 15
- Army & Navy Lodge Stated 7:30pm (dinner @6:30pm)
Saturday June 18- Poquoson Lodge Breakfast 8-10am
Monday June 20 - St. Tammany Lodge Stated 7:30pm
Tuesday June 21 - DEO Training at Bremond Lodge 7:00pm
Lodge Web Page: poquosonmasoniclodge.org
Each Sunday-Ritual Practice 7:00pm                     Widows Committee - 3rd Sunday each month 6:00pm

Will Eastwood                     James Doss
William Emerick                  M. J. Firman
Lee Trent                            James Diggs
Jerry Burks

Brethren, please keep these Brothers and their families in your prayers, prayers do help!

6 Hunts Neck Road, Poquoson, VA, United States